I’m going to optimistically say that spring is finally here! This isn’t so much determined by the weather because, let’s face it, it’s still quite brisk. However, I’m too impatient to break out my spring clothes to wait any longer, so I’ll risk being a tad underdressed. This season’s trends are such a breath of fresh air. My favorite, by a long shot, is the resurgence and reimagining of gingham. Toto, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. So many designers jumped on this trend this season. My favorite example is at Michael Kors. He played with color variations, scale and silhouette in ways that were unexpected for the traditional pattern. The trend strays away from picnics and farm girls, going more towards ’50s glamor and sophistication.

I’m especially excited about the gingham trend because I happen to have the perfect dress for it already hanging in my closet. I found this dress a few years ago in an independent boutique on Cape Cod and immediately fell in love. It has been one of my favorite pieces in my closet since then. The shape is perfect for me; it’s a little bit quirky, and it works for a surprising amount of occasions depending on what I pair it with. Though I wear it regardless of what is or isn’t in style, I was so ready to pull some new inspiration from the runway with my own little twists.

Most designers showed a very sweet, albeit fresh, styling of gingham. They took pretty, almost prim silhouettes that hearken back to the ’50s and integrate lace, play with proportion or incorporate sheer elements to modernize the material. My dress plays on that with a classic fit and flare silhouette with exaggerated tucks at the hips. Where designers chose to go with very sweet styling, I made the look a bit my own! I layered an Urban Outfitters crochet sweater on top because I can’t completely deny the chill in the air.  I then had some fun with my accessories. I chose my favorite metallic boots from ALDO that I can’t seem to ever stop wearing. I took a page out of Michael Kors’ book with my classic, vintage Calvin Klein belt. Lastly, I added some of my favorite jewelry, like my double watch and my edgy pearl studs to throw my personality into the look even more.

I can’t wait to rock this grown up gingham all spring and summer. It has so much potential beyond the classic gingham that we were all accustomed to. This season is definitely proving that gingham is more than what Dorothy wore to Oz and can be whatever your personal style is, whether that’s quirky, edgy or sweet!

Get My Look: 1. A gingham dress. 2. A pretty cropped sweater. 3. Flashy metallic booties.