STYLE GURU STYLE: Edgy and Chic With a Pop of Pink

No matter what some may say, black will always be looked upon as a staple piece. When accessorizing and organizing ones closet, a black sweater, cardigan, jean, shoes, etc. are always necessary to pull an unfinished outfit together. It’s amazing to think that in the early 2000s black was seen as a very “gothic” or “grunge” color. Nowadays, I think we could all attest that black is now seen as “chic” or “sophisticated.”

I decided to pair a black trench coat with black suede leggings, and heels with black patent leather. I always believe adding a pop of color or a funky pattern can bring any outfit to life. Pastels are so beautiful during the winter months and can bring nostalgic inklings of spring/summer into every outfit. Pairing the pastel pink sweater with these black staple pieces was the perfect item to tie the entire outfit together. During the day, one would wear black knee high boots or simple black flats. During the night, which is what I focused on, one could spice it up with these patent leather and snakeskin babydoll heels. The snakeskin in the heels adds the edge, while the babydoll strap that lays across the top of the foot adds femininity and innocence.

This look was inspired by the “working woman” look from the ’70s and a career oriented woman living in a big city. Back in the ’70s, the “working woman” was a movement to break down barriers and alter the stigma. TV commercials and paper ads portrayed women in working outfits in order to equalize the gender barrier between women and men. For the career oriented woman that works in a big city, I see her strutting through the streets in her heels by day and taking her same stylish outfit to go out on the town at night! The “working woman” look screams power, prestige, and sophistication.

Look fabulous while getting the job done Fashionsta/os!