STYLE GURU STYLE: Eat, Drink and Be Embellished

One of the many things that are done very right in the Antonio Beradi pre-fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway show was embellishing. The beautifully crafted sequins and patterns are so delicately detailed, giving that extra spark of pizazz to rather professional attires. A little splash of sparkle and color did wonders for this show, and created a line of modern chic. It’s very New Years Eve with a hint of business casual, a fabulous balance in this particular case. The glamorous dresses and suits embellished with sequins are a perfect match for the edgy high heels that complete the ensembles. I’d never really paid much attention to Mr. Beradi’s lines before, but I sure am from now on. The combo of glitz and edge is more genius than Albert Einstein himself.

My look this week sadly lacks the gala glamour of this runway show thanks to freezing temperatures. However, there is no rule that states that all sweaters must only be either comfortable or stylish. My beige, sequined sweater from The Limited provided me with the perfect amount of warmth—only for the few minutes of this photo-shoot, of course. The tiny sequins keep it casual and mesh perfectly with the sheer, satin layer at the bottom. It’s flowy and comfortable, yet the extra embellishments add style and class to it. Another alternative to the silk underlay is some white lace. Whether it is already part of the sweater, or a tank top underneath, it’s super cute and feminine. It’s also trendy enough to be dressed up or dressed down.

Paired with my most comfortable pair of leggings (God bless you Victoria’s Secret), the oversized sweater was the perfect length. This outfit is perfect for grabbing coffee downtown with some friends, or just hanging out at home. My favorite pair of riding boots was a great final touch to the overall comfort of this outfit. Had there not been snow and the high chance of me slipping and breaking my derrière, I would’ve rather worn a pair of heeled black booties, similar to those in the runway show. It would’ve added that edge I’m always trying to incorporate into my outfits without looking too motorcycle-chic.

The color of my cozy, knee-length socks wasn’t an exact match to that of the sweater, but it was close enough that it didn’t clash. They added some necessary contrast between the black leggings and brown boots. They would’ve looked equally as great with a pair of dark wash jeans. I personally would avoid flashy jewelry and accessories in this case to let the embellished sweater do all the talking. My Michael Kors handbag perfectly complemented my brown boots, so I’d call this a Style Guru success—or maybe just a basic white girl success.

Get My Look: 1. An embellished sweater. 2. Black leggings. 3. Riding boots.