STYLE GURU STYLE: Dripping In Denim

A sidekick of sorts, denim has been there for me through it all, guiding me through the treacherous waters of youthful fashion mishaps. My shirt choices through the years have been rather questionable, ranging from Limited Too soccer T-shirts to skin-tight Abercrombie & Fitch tank tops and everything in between. Despite these questionable choices, denim was always a constant in my wardrobe. Whether it was in the form of skinny jeans or cut-off shorts, the trusty blue fabric was always been there to balance out my sub-par upper half.

Denim floods my wardrobe in its many forms—shorts, overalls, jeans and button-down shirts—but I’ve always been wary about mixing these different pieces together in one look. After browsing through pieces from Virgil Abloh’s first show for his label Off-White, I had a sudden change of heart. This spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection had a simple color palette of black and white with accents of blue denim, but boy, did those accents of denim pack a punch!

The collection showed the versatility of denim, as it was paired with a simple white shirt for look one and then a tuxedo-style top for look eight, but what really caught my eye in this line was the utilitarian jumpsuit piece in look 10. It is a work of art for any denim lover, like myself. This outfit made me want to try a fashion trend I never thought I would have the guts to try: denim on denim.

To mirror this look, I paired my light-wash denim button-down shirt with dark-wash skinny jeans for some added contrast. Although Abloh’s collection did not feature any bright colors, I couldn’t resist adding my own flair to this look by throwing on my favorite tribal beaded purse for a pop of personality. I finished off the look with matching brown sandals and a swipe of orange lipstick to complement the blue hues in the outfit. By mixing light and dark wash denim in the same outfit, I totally overcame my apprehensions about being able to rock the denim-on-denim trend!

Get My Look: 1. A light-wash denim button-down shirt. 2. Dark-wash skinny jeans. 3. A colorful purse.