STYLE GURU STYLE: Dressing Up Graphic T-shirts

On any given day, I can usually be seen wearing one of two types of outfit—a cute outfit with nice jeans and pretty jewelry, or workout leggings with some sort of graphic T-shirt. Recently, however, I’ve started merging these two outfit styles into one. Hence, this graphic T-shirt look.

The central element of this look is, naturally, the graphic tank top. The one I’m wearing is one of my favorites—“I did it for the Insta” is just the right degree of sassy and girly for me. I have quite a large collection of shirts like these, and I love how they can say so much about how I’m feeling without me saying anything at all. I combined my tank with a pair of boyfriend jeans, which matches the casual look of the tank top. To dress the look up a little, I added a light cardigan (which can be taken off when the day warms up), black booties, and a wrap choker necklace. The combination of the casual and fancy elements balance each other out nicely, and the resulting look is perfect for running errands, going to class, and catching up with friends over coffee.

One amazing thing about fashion is that so often, it can speak without words ever being uttered. An outfit can convey so much personality, creativity, and originality based on appearances alone—and even though we were all taught never to judge a book by its cover, what you wear can provide an excellent first glance at who you are as a person, much like the design of a book cover can provide an idea of what type of reading material it contains. A picture speaks a thousand words, and an outfit does as well. However, a few additional clearly visible words never hurt anyone.