STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress Up Your Leggings for the Win(ter)

STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress Up Your Leggings for the Win(ter)

Every season styles and trends change. My personal style is constantly changing with the seasons and even with the weather, especially during the winter months which is my least favorite time of the year. Although my style always changes, the two things that stay constant with my style are: I am always dressed up and I love to wear leggings.

My outfits can usually be categorized as cute and comfy because I am all about being comfortable, yet looking presentable. For this look, I paired my classic black leggings with a cropped cable knit sweater. For added warmth, I threw on my favorite olive green bomber jacket and blanket scarf to help block out the wind and cold. Jackets and scarves are good pieces to add to an outfit to really make it pop, while also helping with the warmth factor during winter.

To top off this look, I added a pair of cherry red Dr. Martens boots, which are my absolute favorite! Dr. Martens boots are perfect for the wintertime because they are weatherproof, which are great for the rain and snow and come in a wide variety of styles and colors that can easily change up your look. These boots pull together the whole outfit, because they match the scarf’s red details and they add a nice splash of color to the dreary vibe of winter.

This kind of outfit is my go-to look most of the time during the winter. Layering is perfect for keeping you warm during the winter, but also allows you to remove layers so you aren’t too warm. Whether you are hanging out with friends, going out for lunch or dinner, or even running around from class to class during the week, this look is great since it’s casual dressy. You could even add a pair of jeans and some cute booties to dress it up even more.

Although winter may be cold and drab that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be.