STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress Up, Dress Down, Dresses All Around

August is here, which means pre-fall and fall collections are making their way to the selling floor.  While designers are changing up their current lines, I’m still absorbing every last ounce of my summer wardrobe I can get and that means I am still slipping on a dress 99 percent of the time.

Drawing inspiration from Simone Rocha’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I decided I would go for a more intricate looking dress than what I am used to.  Simone’s collection perfectly encapsulates what it means to be bold while maintaining an elegant and feminine vibe.  Her entire runway show was developed around pink dresses as well as the Japanese culture, which ultimately lead to the creation of a ready-to-wear line that portrayed Simone’s vision of beauty, sexuality, and quirky design technique.

In hopes of creating more of an everyday look for teens like myself, I took this intricate Free People dress and paired it with simple accessories in order to keep the focus on the cutouts around the neckline and waist of the dress.

One of my favorite trends right now is also the plunging V-neck.  The reason I love the low V-neck is because that creates the opportunity to layer necklaces down the center of your chest which can make an ensemble look truly beautiful.  Layering a few necklaces or wearing one long, simple chain can tie an entire look together without being the focal point.

The rest of my look is left relatively simple with a few very basic rings and a pair of classic black heels.  With the dress being so intricate, it is important to keep the accessories very classic so the outfit doesn’t become chaotic.

Get My Look: 1. An intricate summer dress. 2. Simple Jewelry. 3. Ankle strap heels.