STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress It Up, Dress It Down

While a vast amount of designers incorporate the same tone throughout their collections, whether that means having one common color scheme or utilizing a big statement piece or accessory, Dior managed to create a stunning show, with each look owning their own personality. What I loved about this ready-to-wear show was that it was very easy to mimic. Coats galore, every skirt you could imagine, different styles of dresses, models wearing tights, models not wearing tights—this runway could appeal to everyone. When I saw this one, I knew I could recreate it while incorporating my own style and flair.

This look, while one of the more subtle ones of the show, still manages to be bold and make a statement. Burgundy is one of hottest colors of this fall season, and it just so happens to be one of my personal favorites as well! I opted for a long-sleeved sweater dress because anyone who knows me knows that I love all things sweaters and all things dresses. If I could wear something I love and be comfortable while wearing it, it’s the perfect scenario.

The Dior show incorporated a lot of different looks based around these varying lengths and colors of bold, leather boots. I chose to wear my go-to black booties in order to showcase a little more of my own style. Equally comfortable and cute, these shoes are perfect no matter if you’re just going to class or hitting the city streets for a night out.

Some of the looks on this runway used dramatic jewelry to enhance the styles. Personally, I chose to add my favorite, simple gold statement necklace because I think burgundy and gold is one of the best color combos during fall. Lastly, I decided to slick back some of my hair, taking inspiration from this look. I feel I can’t rock the side ponytail so I left that to the professionals.

Get My Look: 1. Burgundy dress. 2. Black booties. 3. Gold statement necklace.