Spring in Minnesota is typically never spring for long. Yes, we did just have some snow on April 27th. With the ongoing unpredictable weather cycles, I am always ideating different pieces that I can mix and match. One of my favorite pieces is an XXL jean jacket that I got from Ragstock. Although it engulfs me, the thrifting homeland of this jacket entailed denim that was already broken in. I am able to wear this jacket in a poncho-esque way. Inspiration for this look was also created with my love for off-the-shoulder pieces. There are hundreds of different jean jackets at retailers ranging from ten dollars, to a thousand. I highly recommend getting an oversize jacket with some details as well.

Now this denim ensemble is no Canadian tuxedo, nor does it just stop at a button skirt and jacket. I went DIY on my choker, and made it from some old jeans I never wear. The thicker choker was inspired by an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim is always rocking some sort of thicker choker. Lately I have not been finding chokers that fit my neck, as they usually are a little too big. To make this one fit just right I just used a safety pin in the back. My necklaces are Kate Spade, and they add a feminine touch to the look. Her letter pendants are super cute as they all say “One in a Million” on the backside.

The bandeau is channeling some Coachella vibes. I loved the lace overlay details of it. The natural beige color also helped the denim pop even more. Bandeaus are fun, as you can mix and match them with just about anything. I would also wear this one with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The small amount of color in my look is from my sunglasses, which are Ray Bans. They have camo detailing on them, and more of a green lens. Camo is huge right now, but I didn’t want to just blend in with the crowd. These aviators also come in a rounded version, and are one of my favorite pairs. As for my nails, acrylics are my addiction, and I am sporting the coffin shaped nail with a springy blueish purple.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes. Especially when it comes to fun colors. I would honestly purchase these in every color if I was not a poor college student. These maroon velvet booties with a bow from ASOS are a fabulous substitute. These boots are the best because you can dress them up or down. So once you too have some sunshine, grab some denim pieces and a bandeau, you will not regret it.