Head-to-toe denim can be a bold statement. A few years from now, no one wants to look back and see pictures of himself or herself resembling Brittany and Justin circa 2001. An all-denim outfit can go from trendy to terrifying really quick, which is why I chose to take inspiration from Tom Ford’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Instead of blending dark blue and black fur with denim like Tom Ford did, I added a black leather biker jacket. Adding leather breaks up the blues of the jean shirt and pants and adds interest. The key to wearing head-to-toe denim is adding elements of variation to the ensemble. For example, choose a darker wash for your shirt against lighter wash jeans or vice versa. In my outfit, I chose to not only add the leather jacket, but also wear jeans that are very ripped and distressed. To top it off, I added a burgundy, wool hat for a pop of color and lace-up heels for some height.

Another way to add variation is through the mixing of textures. This strategy is present in Tom Ford’s collection with the fur and denim patchwork. Following Ford’s lead, I  combined textures such as leather, denim and wool. It is easy to be intimidated by some trends that come off of the runway, but when you break down each element of the design it can be much easier to achieve.

Overall, head-to-toe denim can be done the right way when you focus on details and add colors, textures and extra accessories to bring excitement to the look. While we all wish that we could have a designer like Tom Ford dress us everyday, it is possible to do on your own.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of distressed jeans. 2. A leather jacket. 3. A button-down denim shirt.