Is it true if I say most of us have seen at least one episode of Friends? I think so! We all love the witty comments and the friendship between them, but most of all we love the fashion sense. I mean come on, who doesn’t wish that they could steal Rachel’s entire closet. My favorite outfits from her are the overalls and the slips dresses with t-shirts underneath. If you’re more of a boho-hippie person then Phoebe is the closet you will want to raid. As for Monica, she always looked great in high-waisted jeans. These ‘90s trends didn’t fade for long because right about now we are all looking to them as fashion icons.

Throw out the new and bring back the old… or something like that! The fashion world is out for a new style and it’s so ‘90s. Overalls, mom jeans and slip dresses; hey moms, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Don’t throw those old clothes out yet because us Fashionistas are dying to have them! Even the latest runways are getting hip to the ’90s style.

Taking my inspiration from Emilio Pucci’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I combined patterns with solids and textures. The collection gave me a fun and flirty feel, so I really wanted to bring that out in my outfit. I also loved how there were bold dresses with an undershirt. This is one of my favorite ways of pairing clothes. A lot of the collections pieces had black either as an accent or the focal color, which was a big inspiration for me. Black is a great color that you can never go wrong with! The ready-to-wear collection was bold and I love the inspiration from it.

Others can always reinvent clothing pieces, but for me I always say add a touch of you to the look. That’s what I did when adding the thigh high socks. When recreating a look with your clothes its important to keep your personal style in there, too. To achieve this look I chose a patterned V-neck dress, a cotton shirt and textured socks. This way I was pulling out the different patterns and texture similar to Emilio Pucci.

Lastly, I added a statement color purse. I did this for a pop of color so that I wasn’t all black and white. I then paired the entire outfit with a black pair of Birkenstocks. These are great shoes because they can always be dressed up or down.

Get My Look: 1. Any slipdress. 2. A plain T-shirt. 3. Any thigh high socks.