STYLE GURU STYLE: Defined by Earth Tones

STYLE GURU STYLE: Defined by Earth Tones

John Lennon sunglasses, boyfriend jeans and earth tones are my style essentials this season, providing a free-spirited look to beat out the snow and freezing temperatures that are way-too-soon to come.

Growing up in a small beach town, there came an inherent style inspired by the forms of earth surrounding me, as sand tones and ocean blue hues have defined my wardrobe. However, with the highly anticipated arrival of November’s chill and my great deal of denial that all traces of summer are officially gone, darker earth tones have infiltrated my closet.

I usually try to incorporate reminders of the summer sun into my everyday style, which gets tough in the midst of crisp air and brutal wind chills. I settle to at least use some inspiration from the earth in its seasonal path during my least favorite months, with rich greens and yellows to mimic the nature around me.

Off-the-shoulder tops became a staple part of my wardrobe during the warmer months this year, as my closet flooded with whites, blues and summery hues of light blouses with bare shoulders. This olive green thermal sweater sits below both shoulders, transitioning the trend into the fall/winter seasons. With its baggy, comfortable style, the bare shoulders add a unique flare to a simple thermal top.

The open-heeled, black booties serve as the perfect transitional piece for November, creating a closed-sandal look, complete with wraparound buckled straps. The open backs secure the outfit’s free-spirited vibe and boho-inspired style.

The big blanket scarf captures the essence of the season, with its mixed color-blocked shades of green and gray. Beneath it hangs my cowrie shell choker, my latitude and longitude bar necklace and my Saint Christopher medallions. I wear these four pieces every single day to keep me physically grounded to home—they have become a vital part of my everyday style identity.

Since the sun stays bright during Northeast winters, sunglasses remain a year-round staple in order to conquer the blinding reflection off of the bright snow blankets. Round sunglasses with regular brown lenses are my frames of choice for the season, as they add a laid-back flair to every outfit.

So, finally trade those sandals for some cut-out booties, let the earth around you inspire your everyday look and stay RAD(ical, dude!) all season long!