STYLE GURU STYLE: Day to Night Dress

STYLE GURU STYLE: Day to Night Dress

There’s this agonizing common struggle of finding the perfect outfit to take you from day to night. If you’re like me, then you constantly stress about what you’re going to wear for the night while also hauling an entire duffel bag around to do a complete outfit change. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty simple to wear the same outfit from a day out on town to a girl’s night out. The solution to this problem lies within obtaining a key element, which in this case is the chic and elevated nude bodycon dress.

To start off this look, I directed the focus to my ultra-chic, bodycon nude dress. I then paired minimalistic jewelry and a few simple accessories to add detail to my statement dress while avoiding any hindrance to the center focus. To maintain a simplistic and chic aesthetic, I paired the dress with a pair of nude ankle strap heels. Not only are these heels versatile in terms of coordinating well with an outfit, but also they are versatile to pair with an outfit for any occasion the day may hold. To elevate the look, I paired this outfit with a sophisticated white leather chain wallet embellished with gold detailing from Tory Burch.

It is well known that students lead a chaotic lifestyle; operating between classes, extracurricular commitments, and social events while also managing to stay on top of their homework assignments. While this time limit may make it challenging to find a seamless outfit, utilizing a central garment piece complimented by a few simple accessories can make for a perfect transitional outfit that is fit for any juncture.

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