Goodbye classes and hello summer! Now that we survived the long spring semester, a little bit of a celebration is in order. Whether that will be going out with friends, taking a relaxing vacation, or sleeping in and watching your favorite shows, we can all agree that summer is much needed. My celebration of the end of the spring semester consisted of an amazing dinner with my boyfriend to commemorate our two years together! I had to make sure to piece together the perfect outfit for the night, which can sometimes be a struggle. I either feel that nothing looks right, or that I’m trying too hard to put an outfit together which makes me stress out even more.

Whether you are going on a date with someone you have known for just two weeks or even two years, the pressure to look your best is always around. One good way to avoid stressing out before a date is to think of a couple outfit options the night before the big day to relieve yourself of some of the butterflies that are already in your stomach. If you are like me and enjoy doing everything last minute, then I wish you the best!

In these pictures, I am displaying my own STYLE GURU STYLE. When trying to figure out what the best outfit would be for the night out, I first had to consider the weather. Luckily, it was warm enough to wear something that wasn’t a pair of jeans and a sweater. My favorite part of my outfit is the mini, button-down skirt! I based my look on this piece of clothing and then figured out the rest from there. I love the silver buttons up the side because they add the slightest bit of detail. I have seen the sheer top plus bralette trend going around for a little bit now and really wanted to try it out. I love floral patterns with big flowers and thought this top would be the perfect fit with my skirt. I added a cream-colored bralette underneath. Another favorite of mine is a shoe with a chunky or block heel. I love how you can either dress them up or down. I chose to wear all-black shoes to match my top but to contrast with my pink skirt. I accessorized with silver as well as a small touch of gold jewelry, which is rare for me because I usually like to match completely. My choice for a purse was a small Michael Kors crossbody.

I really love this outfit and will definitely wear it again in the future. I took a small step out of my comfort zone to try out the sheer top trend, but I am super happy and even more confident that I tried something new!