Those who know me well, or simply have seen me in passing a few times, know that I am no stranger to bright colors and patterns. The moment I put on a printed sundress, fiery red lipstick and accessories, I feel brighter inside. It’s as if my soul has absorbed the warmth of my look, and I’d like to think that it projects onto others. Despite this fact, I love it when I mix in some darker hues into my wardrobe. Nothing can live up to the simplicity yet chicness of an all-black ensemble.

When people, myself included, don looks that comprise dark or black components, they often feel cool, powerful, confident and a little intimidating in the best way possible. Louis Vuitton’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection epitomizes these characteristics and more. This bold, futuristic science fiction collection included unconventional placements of dark eye makeup and an abundance of black, seen in leather garments and other textured pieces. I took inspiration from this look, but adapted it to fit my more relaxed style.

My outfit features a pleated leather skirt, in line with the trends in the Louis Vuitton show. The leather wedged boots with gold accents compliment the skirt and contribute to the day-to-night versatility of the look. The black crop with the full front zipper is equal parts tomboyish as it is feminine, not unlike the collection. For makeup, I chose to further embrace the dark side by incorporating a deep berry lip color and gray and black eye shadow.

As much as I loved the Louis Vuitton collection, I made sure to add my own spin to the outfit. My black ensembles are never quite complete without a graphic beanie, as it gives the look personality and makes it more casual and fun. This one in particular is a built-in confidence boost that allows me to rock the outfit with the poise that any Fashionista/o should!

Get My Look: 1. Leather skirt. 2. Beanie. 3. Crop top.  4. Leather booties.