STYLE GURU STYLE: Dark Discotheque

A typical girl’s night out in New York City is usually spent at the clubs. Dancing and feeling the glamour of the city influences the way we dress up for our night outs. We must look chic but feel the groovy vibe as well.

I usually find my fashion inspiration for a fun, groovy but glamorous party night outfit from Marc Jacobs’ spring 2000 ready-to-wear collection. The simplistic ’70s-inspired forms and simplicity draws my eye, making the collection seem effortless. It gives a casual look somewhat of a polished, clean vibe that I find perfect for when I want to feel comfortable and stylish for dancing. It also gives a vintage look to a girl’s night out outfit. Lately at Parsons, I have been seeing this revival of late ’90s and early 2000s styles being worn for the fall, and my look exemplifies this.

My take on Marc Jacobs’ collection is more suited for my dark, mainly black-paletted style. Although this collection is known for its neutral pastel colors, I take inspiration from the clean simple lines that are consistent throughout each piece of clothing and the summer look of it as well. This knit black crop top is lined with a clean-cut white, emanating the simplistic lines seen throughout the collection. Instead of blue jeans, I go for the simple black skinny jeans to pair well with the dark theme of the outfit. Skinny jeans give this look a more modern take. Finally, it is paired with some black leather Converse sneakers for dancing and walking comfortability out on the streets. Black on black never looked more discotheque.

Get My Look: 1. Black striped crop top. 2. Black skinny jeans. 3. Any pendant necklace.