The best time of the year is upon us as many would say. A time of warm weather, cute clothes, and endless backyard shenanigans. Many use this transition from the cold as a reason to change up their style. Warmer weather is a perfect excuse to get dolled up and make some new friends because lets be honest, who does not love a day party and everything it has to offer?

From one college cutie to the next do not be afraid to use a day party as an excuse to be daring. Try out those adorable new overalls that have just been hanging in your closet or spice things up with a simple sun dress loaded with the best accessories.

Above all else remember to make sure that you keep your clothing to a solid comfort level or how else will you be able to focus on the cutie playing frisbee?

If you are feeling a little sporty grab a jersey and get going. Nothing is more common on college campuses than to see jerseys of all teams and players so why should you not join in on the fun. They are perfect for being paired with sneakers and high knee socks.

Nothing quite screams you’re ready to party than the perfect pair of sunglasses, so make sure you include all your must have items, strut your stuff and be sure to turn a few heads in the process.

From corn hole to capture the flag no one is ever really sure what a day party will consist of. That is why sticking to cute and comfy is the right way to go. With sandals and flats coming out of the woodworks to regain their number one spot on everybody’s feet be sure to paint those little piggies as an extra little pop of color.