STYLE GURU STYLE: Dapper and Dandy

February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Menswear has evolved over the decades, whether it was in suits changing the wide tie to the skinny tie, or parachute pants to joggers. I would state that the menswear industry is not as popular as the women’s; lately I have noticed a change in society. Women have the confidence to wear a tailored suit and heels or men’s trousers and wingtip shoes. In the 60’s it would have been controversial for a women to wear menswear. Men have dealt with controversy as well while wearing decorative and flashy clothing. This is significant because men have always worn basic and simplistic clothing, and now they have begun experimenting with patterned suits, contrasting ties, pocket squares and bright socks.

A designer that I have always admired is Ralph Lauren for his take on American traditional clothing in a modern era. I love the Ralph Lauren brand because it is the perfect combination of traditional sophistication and the spirit of youth. The brand represents a young style of clothing with traditional pieces. I admire how they make women and men equal through fashion.

The Ralph Lauren fall 2016 collection is what inspired my outfit and more importantly, my accessories. Layering is a significant part of menswear because men use it as a technique for personal style. When I think of Ralph Lauren, I think of neutral colors and plaid. The plaid in the pants are meant to make the neutrals in my outfit stand out and my gold shoes are representing a traditional menswear shoe with a mix of modernity.

Get My Look: 1. Tommy Hilfiger pants. 2. A blazer. 3. Oxfords from J.Crew.