I feel like admitting this makes me sound a little on the boring side, but I have a serious affinity for the color black. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my summers spent in the city or if I was influenced by a mother who knew the value of great black basics while I was still in my unfortunate graphic T-shirt phase, but black has grown to become my uniform. I’ve organized my closet so that the majority of what you see when you open the doors is just a great black mass and the only shoes I have on display sport the same lack of color.

So of course, these last few sweltering months have been me checking the weather and seeing a 95-degree, cloudless forecast, only to leave the house in an outfit that would make me a great fit for an Adams family remake. I’ve found that the best thing to do is just work with it, which is exactly why I’m so about this shirt.

A couple of months ago a fashion intern friend of mine came home with a handful of basic tees the company he works for had test dyed and let the employees take home. To my luck they were not only women’s cut (making them useless to him), but also varying shades of black and grey. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, when a bored me went a little scissor crazy and decided to replicate the trend Kendall Jenner and college girls alike love so much.

It took me a couple of tries to get the perfect cut. I didn’t want the shirt to be way too open, but on the other hand the whole point was to show the lace-bra underneath. After a few tries and a few adjustments and re-cuts, I ended up with this little gem. The T-shirt was a more muted black, so it offered dimension to the monochrome look.

Staying true to my minimalist values, I paired the top with a solid pair of my favorite Madewell jeans, simple leather slides, and a basic black bag. For me this outfit was all about the cutout and adding too much of anything else would have been distracting. Most importantly, this look kept me cool. As I’m sure you can imagine there was quite a breeze.