Once the holiday season ends, I count down the days until winter is over. I hate the cold, so large and cozy sweaters are the only things that get me through the low temperatures every year. Turtlenecks have become my new best friend this season and are helping make this winter weather a little more bearable.

Turtlenecks were everywhere in the Derek Lam fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. He took inspiration from the ’70s while adding some modern details to the pieces. This is similar to the focal point of my outfit: a turtleneck with high slits on the sides. This sweater has a timeless look to it because of the turtleneck silhouette, but the cut sides give it a modern and trendy twist.

I did not want to take the attention away from the sweater so I kept the rest of my outfit simple. I used olive green knee-high socks to add some color and prevent the outfit from being too boring. I paired everything with two items you could never go wrong with—my go-to tall black boots and my favorite skinny jeans (plot twist: they’re jeggings, but you would never be able to tell). My final touch to this outfit was the marble stone inspired layered necklaces. Many people are afraid to wear necklaces with high necklines but I believe that if the necklace (or necklaces) are simple enough and are at least medium length, you can do it!

Get My Look: 1. Turtleneck with slits 2. Layered necklaces 3. Over-the-knee boot socks 4. Tall black boots.