Alright, let’s be real for a second. As a stressed out (often sleep deprived) college student, sometimes it’s difficult to wake up in the morning and get ready for class. Add to that the cold fall and winter temperatures of Minnesota, and you bet that there are plenty of days that I wish that I could just roll out of bed and bring my comforter with me to class.

So, when I was browsing through some of this year’s fall ready-to-wear collections looking for new outfit ideas, I was immediately drawn to the line by A Détacher, a company that’d I’d never even heard of before. The fall collection, designed by Mona Kowalska, was filled with long, oversized wool jackets and oversized knits that called out to the lazy side of me because of how cozy they looked. Although comfortable, the models’ looks didn’t make them seem like they had just rolled out of bed. Each of the looks was polished and sleek, combining neutral earth-toned knitwear with various scarves, belts and knee-high socks to create looks that seem relaxed but are also appropriate to wear in public (unlike my comforter).

Drawing from A Détacher for inspiration, I decided to find a way to create a stylish look that was also perfect for my lazy days. I didn’t have to look far to find the answer to my prayers: blanket scarves. Who wouldn’t love the idea of wearing a cozy and warm blanket around their neck and having it be a fashion statement? Needless to say, I’m completely on board with this trend, and decided to start my look with a neutral-toned plaid blanket scarf. I paired my scarf with a knit top in an olive color, following the same earthy color scheme Kowalska used in her designs. From there I added a pair of cuffed, dark wash jeggings that are also super comfortable, and then finished the look off with a pair of lace-up booties that are my favorite for this fall.

My finished look is one that is super laid-back and easy to throw on, so it looks effortless but definitely not like you just got out of bed. Plus, it’s very easy to replicate, all you need is a cute blanket scarf!

Get My Look: 1. Long sleeve knit top. 2. Patterned blanket scarf. 3. Dark wash jeggings. 4. Lace-up booties.