Summer style can be inspired by clothing made for different seasons. Erdem’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection features a gorgeous floral top coat with a peter pan color. It’s too hot for coats right now, but even in the summertime, you need a garment to keep you warm. Sometimes short sleeves aren’t enough to defend you from cool breezes and unnecessarily freezing air conditioners. So when the temperature dips a bit, what is there to wear?

I became inspired to wear a beautiful light green floral kimono. It is the perfect garment to wear during this season, because it is light enough to wear in the heat and add enough warmth when things get a little cool. With their length and beautiful prints, kimonos are dramatic pieces that become the focal point of your outfit! I wore basic garments underneath as to not distract from the kimono. Leggings allow for easy movement underneath, and a black tank top keeps everything light and cool when the sun comes out. Drawn to the pretty pink in the floral print, I chose to accessorize with a small pink handbag, which was easy to carry and didn’t get caught in the kimono like larger purses might. Sandals peeked out from beneath the kimono, and I added both silver and gold pieces of jewelry to add a sleek edge. This outfit is a perfect way to stay protected as the weather changes throughout the day! What kimono will you wear?

Get My Look: 1. A patterned kimono. 2. A matching handbag. 3. Cute sandals.