STYLE GURU STYLE: Cool and Causal

It is always incredible when you see a collection that completely fits with your personal style. That happened for me when I looked through the Whyred spring 2016 collection. The show was filled with tailored pieces that are traditionally seen as dressier items. However, on the runway, these pieces are styled in a very casual manner that creates a unique look. Many of the runway outfits reflect a contrast between formal and informal with the combination of items. Accessories and color are kept to a minimum throughout the runway show; this further adds to the polished and simple theme of the collection.

One of the best aspects of this collection is that the pieces are extremely wearable and classic. Trends are fun to play with, but it is important to fill your wardrobe with pieces that will last throughout the years. The tailored blazers in the show are my favorite items because they are perfect for fall. A stylistic element of these that I love is that they are slightly longer than traditional blazers. This variation in cut makes the overall look more interesting and ensures that you will be slightly warmer in cooler temperatures!

For recreating this collection, the most important aspect was the tailored blazer that appeared in many of the outfits. I drew the most inspiration from the clean-cut look five. After finding the perfect blazer, I added some black skinny jeans. For a top, it was important to maintain the tailored aspects of the collection, but I wanted to add more of my personal style to the outfit. A denim button-up was a great choice that also made the overall look more casual for a day full of classes. I finished off the look with a pair of sandals with a thick band and a black clutch. Finally, I added a little color to the neutral outfit with a bright, red lip. The completed look was comfortable, classic and cool for fall!

Get My Look: 1. A pair of sandals. 2. Clutch big enough for everything. 3. The perfect tailored blazer.