STYLE GURU STYLE: Cool and Casual

My favorite season is summer when it comes to temperature, but it is my least favorite when deciding what to wear! My number one summer outfits mainly include my black high-wasted shorts. They both look great with a casual tank top or a dressy blouse!

The shorts featured are my go-to high-waisted black shorts. They were extremely inexpensive (my favorite way to go) and they go with almost everything in my closet! Plus, they’re not too short or too high-waisted! It’s always hard to find a decent pair of shorts, it seems like every pair I try on is barely even considered pants and I despise that completely! When I went shopping for my trip to Spain last summer, I struggled to find clothes that I wouldn’t stand out in and would be comfortable in, and then I stumbled upon these pleated black shorts. They were and still are great! They went with multiple outfits on the trip and were a comfortable material to walk approximately six miles a day in.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any trips planned where I’m able to flee the country this summer, but I still search for shorts that I am comfortable and don’t stand out in. I buy most of my shorts from Old Navy, which is where I also bought my stripped tank top that is featured. It’s a light material, which is always a great bonus for summer clothes! Not to mention the fact that it will go great under cardigans in the winter. I have a love for neutrals and stripes, but an even greater love for neutral and striped clothing that can be worn in all seasons!

My sandals are so versatile that they’ve become my daily wear. I bought them at Target where I find myself frequently shopping for summer clothes. Besides my sandals being versatile, I also wear my necklace from Forever 21 with a majority of my simple outfits. It has just enough detail to it to spice up my basic outfits!

This outfit was inspired by the spring 2015 ready-to-wear A Détacher runway show. The style portrayed in both the runway show and my outfit is a comfortable, casual one that can still be dressed up if need be! Although my attire isn’t completely minimalist, it’s always best to aim for something so simple that it can be worn whenever—just like the outfits shown in the runway show!

The outfit featured is the perfect example of what I commonly wear on scorching hot days while trying to stay cool, yet trendy! This outfit is also the perfect outfit to add a touch of color to. I decided to stay neutral, but a bright necklace or colored pair of shoes would have looked exceptional.

Get My Look: 1. A striped tank top 2. High-wasted shorts 3. Double strapped sandals.