STYLE GURU STYLE: Contrast is Key

October 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that we are getting into fall, my personal style truly comes out from hibernation and into full bloom. As a lover of all things black, textured and layered, my wardrobe thrives once the temperature starts to cool down. I typically wear several more basic pieces, such as a great pair of black skinny jeans and some pointed ballet flats as shown here, and then jazz the rest of my look up with a few more special pieces to complete the outfit.

My favorite part of the look I am wearing here is the juxtaposition of soft and hard textures. My top, for example, is quite smooth and soft to touch, and my shawl has a more rugged, yet soft hand. To contrast, we have the rougher texture of my denim jeans and the stiff feel of the canvas on my flats. All these textural elements add interest to my outfit in a cohesive manner.

You will also notice that I am wearing mostly black, which reigns true even on the hottest of summer days or coldest of winter nights—I will almost always be wearing black. For years, black has always been my favorite color, or lack thereof, and I wear it often. I love the contrast it has against my fair skin and the illusion it creates. I also prefer other darker, cool-toned colors for my wardrobe such as mustards, rusty colors, burgundies, forrest greens and calming purples. If and when I do incorporate non-black pieces into my outfits, it is generally one of these colors.

Another big part of my style is simple accessories to complete my look. I usually only wear one or the other, and you will almost always see me in one of these two things: my favorite wool hat, as seen here, or my favorite, vampy necklaces layered together. In my opinion, a good hat can complete just about any outfit. This one is my favorite because it streamlines every look without fail. It makes a statement without overwhelming the rest of my clothes, and it helps to conceal a bad hair day, win-win!

As I said earlier, my style is quite simple, there is no method to my madness, I just wear what I like and what I feel goes well together. Although there are some motifs common in my typical look, they are not set in stone and sometimes I will break all of my own rules and wear bright pink tops and light washed denim, with no trace of black in sight. Fashion is about self expression and having fun, so play it by ear and enjoy yourself!