STYLE GURU STYLE: Confessions From A Minimalist

In a nutshell, my wardrobe consists of oversized sweaters, black jeans and my personal favorite the Steve Madden leather boots. Yes, I admit that my wardrobe sounds like any other girls’; I feel that is what makes my style very relatable. When I walk out of my room, I want to feel like I can take on the day (who doesn’t?). My favorite quote is by Maria Sharapova, and she said, “when you look good, you feel good”.  Therefore, I try to live every day through my minimalistic yet chic style, which I usually pair with a throwback flare.

While I’m sure all of my fellow Fashionista/os were glued to our Instagrams this fall busy scrolling down our feed as each fashion house released their spring lines. As I did my own research, I found myself relating to Alexander McQueen’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear line and his use of outerwear layered with intricate boots. Like McQueen, I tend to keep to a color palette of blacks and grays with a hint of color to show off my exuberant personality.

Achieving a minimalistic aesthetic is not too complicated, and that’s why I feel it is so practical for college students. In this outfit, I chose to pair my favorite black skinny jeans from Genetic Jeans with a heather gray turtleneck sweater, and because I live in the Midwest it does (unfortunately) get colder than 60 degrees in the late afternoon, so I topped off my look with a paid coat with a faux fur collar. Finally, I warned you I have a soft spot for boots, so naturally I sported my burnt red Steve Madden velvet boots.

When it comes down to it, we can all wake up in the morning and drag our feet to class wearing black jeans and a warm knit sweater. We have the tendency to call it style and go on with our lives. The beautiful thing about style is that each of us is able to take an item and create our own visual aesthetic to complement our unique personalities. While I tend to describe my own style as minimalistic with a promise of throwback flare, I am always in search for the next trend to jump onto. I love to feel strong, and by using a neutral color palette, I am able to add statement pieces to use (they are also great conversation starters)!

Get My Look: 1. Skinny black jeans. 2. Combat boots. 3. A pullover sweater that is too comfortable for your own good.