STYLE GURU STYLE: Cold Weather Dressy

If you’re like me, you probably look for any excuse to wear a dress. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why anyone would NOT love wearing dresses. They’re pretty, so easy to slip into, and make you feel fancy. Dresses are appropriate for just about any occasion, I think. No, I’m not talking about wearing a ruffled prom dress to class, but you could certainly wear a casual dress and booties, because, why not!?

Even though chilly weather is now upon us, dresses are still doable. The key is to transition from your strapless sundresses to your warmer options, like long sleeved dresses, sweater dresses, etc. Layers are also important. Don’t be afraid to layer a chunky sweater or vest over your dress or wear a pair of printed knit stockings to keep your legs warm.

This season I got a lot of dress inspiration from the alice + olivia fall 2015 ready-to-wear line. Look 27 in particular caught my eye. This look features a printed short sleeve dress layered over a long sleeve turtle neck. The entire ensemble has such a cozy feel to it, but at the same time it’s very elegant and dressy. It caught my attention because it’s so my style—I love to look well put together while still being comfortable in my clothing.

In my recreation of this look, instead of layering a dress over a shirt, I decided to just wear a long sleeved dress. The dress was super casual and trapeze style, which is my favorite type right now. The dark green color of my dress was appropriate for this season. I skipped out on stockings because this day in particular wasn’t too chilly, but had it been colder I definitely would have added a pair of black stockings (plain, or printed to spice things up!) to my ensemble. To give myself a more cozy and layered look, I added a simple knit scarf. I also swiped on a dark berry colored lip stick, which is also very in this season. A pair of black booties finished off my look. Like I said, in Philadelphia, it hasn’t gotten to be super chilly yet, but if it’s cold where you are, don’t hesitate to add a sweater, a vest, or a jacket over this look!

Get My Look: 1. A long sleeved dress. 2. A pair of casual booties. 3. A knit scarf.