STYLE GURU STYLE: Coated for the Chill

If there is one thing I swoon over, let it be a functional statement coat. Outerwear serves as the barrier between your chic self and the elements, but often function is prioritized over fun. Providing protection from the bone-chilling wind and nightmarish temperature drops as we transition from fall to winter, it is likely that you desire a coat for protection. Dare I suggest you can have fun AND function in a trendy form?

Outerwear should be anything but boring. Cold weather is already a stubborn battle, and I would wish not to fight it in a drab coat which lacks personality or unique detailing.

Every season may dictate a new, fashionable silhouette, and with it outerwear is also influenced. Referencing the fall 2015 couture collection by Schiaparelli, we see a recurring silhouette in the coat. A majority of the coats from this runway collection take form in a straight and full cut at the mid-length or longer. Additional elements include a deep pocket and wide lapels. Additionally, this Schiaparelli collection offers lavish textiles, embellishments and prints to utilize for further inspiration.

I believe in fun outerwear that does not compromise function. The wool blend coat I am wearing provides warmth and nearly mirrors the form presented in the Schiaparelli collection featuring similarly placed pockets, a wide lapel and straight shape. I adapted the silhouette as my own with a rugged texture and print for the mountain-perched lifestyle I self-definitively live. Furthermore, I paired my coat with a linen tank and lace-up wide-legged pants. I am unsure who is keeping score, but my pointy leather heels do indeed match the cords in the lacing of my jeans.

Get My Look: 1. Jacket with a wide lapel. 2. Pointed toe heel. 3. Flare jeans .