STYLE GURU STYLE: Coachella Styled by Me

Endless blessings and vibes are floating around here in the North East with the warm weather we are having. As many of you know, the reputable Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival just passed. As a college student, Coachella was not in my plans or funds this year. On the other hand, I have not let that dissuade my choice of wearing a Coachella-inspired look, as I’m sure my fellow Fashionista/os have also done.

Keeping the essence of festival season in mind, I drew inspiration from various celebrities. Each brought their own style, and managed to achieve a happy and carefree look at this year’s festival. Personally, I live for rompers, flannels, and a good pair of sneakers. An oversize flannel usually pairs best with black leggings or stockings, but as the temperature has increased, I opted for a flowy romper underneath. Paired with a timeless Adidas Stan Smith sneaker, I am able to take on any spontaneous adventure.

To finish off this outfit, I am wearing a family-owned necklace. I always prefer to wear jewelry passed down by generations, due to the nostalgic connection, and the sheer fact of its uniqueness. Do not worry, if no heirloom is available, a dangling pendant necklace works perfectly.

Altogether, I make it a point to pair my favorite elements. Although I may not be arriving on the West Coast any time soon, I intend to stay styled as we near the end of the semester, and an East Coast summer approaches.