STYLE GURU STYLE: Climate Control

With the cold weather approaching, the sound of “spring” in spring semester seems like more and more of a torture mechanism universities like to inflict because in no way shape or form does any sign of spring seem to be near. For most Fashionista/os staying trendy in the cold poses one of two internal dialogues, “Do I turn around and freeze all day, to look good?” (Which most of us end up deciding), or “Do I go against every fiber of my being and ‘bum’ it to try and withstand the below zero degree classroom I need to sit through for the next two hours?”

Well Fashionista/os, what if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? In following Marc Jacobs spring 2016-ready-to-wear line, we see a ton of layering and lines throughout the collection.

As we all know, I am a huge fan of layers. While many people are afraid of layering their looks out of the fear of looking bulky or losing shape, layering for me is an essential part to every outfit. Layering not only allows for dynamic in every look, between the opportunities of color combinations, possible proportional illusions (which helps due to the fact that I’m only 4’11), but layering as a student allows for climate control! When done correctly, a layered outfit should always be able to have garments added or taken away, without tarnishing the look. This allows you to not overheat between the vicious pattern of overloading layers to stay warm while trying to get to class. Then when finally getting there  feeling like you just got to the deepest part of South Carolina in the middle of August, because thats how overheated you got booking it to class with all of those layers on.

Starting with a basic lightweight top, is always the first step. I suggest a solid, something neutral or, even striped if the rest of your layering is simplistic. The next layer should be a soft cardigan, sweater, or vest, still looking for something semi-light in weight due to the fact that there are still some layers to go. This is the layer you want to be playful with, add a pop of color, a flannel, a print, anything! The pop will be subtly diluted under the last few pieces. The last layer of clothing should be a jacket, it’s going to help tie the entirety of the outfit together and will be a guaranteed warm layer, and like all great looks accessories will always do the trick, light jewelry and scarves are always my go to!

Get My Look: 1. Pashmina scarf. 2. Cargo jacket. 3. Jewels. 4. Vest.