STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic For Class

One of my favorite looks is the laid back classic collegiate look because it’s timeless. The Polo Ralph Lauren fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection inspired me because of the classic feel to every outfit. The looks are composed of neutral tones with the occasional pop of color, giving the collection a sophisticated appeal. I drew inspiration from this show and transformed it into an everyday college look that could be worn to class.

My varsity T-shirt was the driving force of my classic collegiate look. The stripes on the sleeves make it look like a sports jersey, but the fit makes it feminine and cute. To make this outfit a little more girly, I added a statement necklace. Without one, it looked almost boring and plain. The necklace creates a contrast between its sparkle and the shirt’s simple collegiate look. These jeans are probably my favorite pair of pants I own because they’re so comfortable and when I put them on, I feel like I’m wearing leggings. They are an ideal pair of pants to wear to class because you’ll look like you tried to look nicer than usual for class, yet you’ll be incredibly comfortable at the same time.

My favorite part of my outfit is the maroon booties. They’re practical for any occasion from class to meeting with a professor. They also go with so many different types of outfits and styles. They look great with an edgier look and even though they are maroon, and not your typical black or brown, they look perfect with a majority of my fall/winter wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. Varsity T-shirt. 2. Skinny jeans. 3. Maroon booties.