STYLE GURU STYLE: City Street-Smart

September 7th, 2016 at 2:07am
STYLE GURU STYLE: City Street-Smart

One of the reasons I love going to Fordham is because I get so many opportunities to explore the city. There is no limit to the amount of places you can go in Manhattan, and when my best friend and I go, we often end up discovering some artsy coffee shop or cool street (and usually getting lost).

Although you can definitely be spontaneous with where you want to go in the city, it’s always good to plan ahead in terms of what you’re going to wear. First, you have to figure out whether you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. If you want to go to more than one place and/or need to take the subway, it’s smart to wear comfortable shoes. I have made the mistake of wearing high heels (and I don’t mean two-inch heels) a few too many times for past city trips; they’re do-able if you’re going out to a fancy dinner or event, but definitely not if you’re planning to walk around all day! For this particular city outting, my best friend and I explored Central Park, went to some coffee shops and then took the subway down to Greenwich Village. Since I knew we had a lot of walking planned for the day, I decided to wear a pair of high-top white Converse. Basically any type of shoes that are easy to walk in will work!

Next, you have to think about what type of outfit you want to wear. This depends partly on the weather and partly on where you’re going to go. Since it’s still really warm out and we were just wandering around, I decided to wear a black off-the-shoulder crop top and loose denim high-waisted shorts. This is my typical city-type outfit for end-of-summer/early fall days. The colors can work for literally any season, and the crop top/high-waisted shorts combo is perfect for warm weather. Finally, I wore my hair in two Dutch braids. It can get hot in the city, especially when you’re walking to different places, and since my hair is long this is one of my favorite cute/practical ways to style it!