STYLE GURU STYLE: Choker Scarf-Chic

January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

The choker; an item that has yet again become a staple accessory among many women. Thus, I am not surprised that a new rendition on the once loved and now on-trend item has recently become popular. The trend of the choker scarf has popped up all over my Instagram feed, as well as the runway. As seen in the Dior spring 2016 spring show, the choker scarf is the perfect final accent to any Fashionista’s outfit.

For my own interpretation of the look, I took this thin, black scarf and wrapped it around my neck to make it have the choker style and tied it behind the back of my neck. Then, to add to the grunge vibe of the scarf, I added dark layers with my black tights, black booties, half leather coat and added a pop with this abstract, white and black patterned shirt dress. The outfit is very neutral so the dress doesn’t feel too busy, yet the pattern does a great job of stopping the look from being too dark; any black and white patterned shirt dress will look great with an otherwise all black ensemble.

With a few cold months ahead of us in Wisconsin, having a scarf around one’s neck is a necessity, but I will at least do so with style—as I tried to do on the snowy, windy day that these pictures were taken! So, if you are looking for something new to switch up your look, try out this hybrid of the beloved choker necklace and your average silk scarf!

Get My Look: 1. Skinny scarf. 2. Button-up shirt dress. 3. Long, leather coat. 4. Black booties.