STYLE GURU STYLE: Channeling My Inner KenGi

Monday through Friday, I can expect an email that spills the latest fashion secrets that any Fashionista lives for. As much as I love scrolling through the pictures fresh off the runway, it seems unrealistic for me to dress in those extravagant garments that KenGi make look so effortless. That’s the love/hate relationship with fashion shows; you can’t wear the clothes on an average day to lecture, however, these styles can serve as inspiration for fashion that you can wear. I love that word—inspiration. You can feel inspiration from anything in life, whether that be nature, leftover Christmas cookies or fashion shows.

Inspiration is what keeps me interested in staying up to date with the latest fashion trends and designers. My college budget cannot afford me a thread on one of those couture outfits, but you bet I am going to try my best to look as runway ready as possible. As a result, I pick my favorite trends of the season and combine them into one outfit. Who needs 40 looks when you can be on-trend with one? This season’s Topshop show got the golden star. The neutral collection was filled with turtleneck sweaters and cable knit, plaid and midi military jackets.

In my look, I killed two birds with one stone in my sweater, which is both cable knit and a turtleneck. I paired this neutral piece with bottoms that are more fun. I found these plaid high-waisted pants in a thrift store, and they have forever been my favorite winter piece. The drastic cut allows for a fitted top tucked in or a crop top, which is the route I decided to go. The accessory, however, won the show. Coach has been rebranding itself to be considered more of a luxury brand after losing its high end identity. You can only imagine the ecstatic state I was in to be opening a sparkly box with Coach plastered on the top. Any Coach purse is a classic piece that adds sophistication and heritage to any ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. Cable knit turtleneck sweater. 2. Tartan plaid trousers. 3. Coach cross-body bag.