STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual Meets Cool

It was love at first sight the day I paired my basic beige turtleneck with an asymmetrical leather skirt. In this weeks STYLE GURU STYLE, I found a way to be dressy for class yet appropriate for a night out. I found inspiration for my look in Versace‘s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. This collection combines the casualness I was looking for with the sophistication I wanted. This collection is nothing extravagant and easy for an average Fashionista like myself to imitate. Designer Donatella Versace pairs blazers with dress pants, leather jackets with skirts and coats with waist belts in her runway collection. What makes these items interesting and desirable are the vibrant green, blue and yellow designs she adds.

Although my outfit does not have the eccentric designs of Versace’s collection, I found a way to add the flare shown in this collection without the vibrant colors used in the pieces. The leather detail in my outfit was inspired from the various jackets and dresses which make the looks in this runway show unique. The asymmetrical design of my skirt grabs the attention in my outfit, and rightfully so. I wanted to wear something that wasn’t too flashy. I was able to find a balance of casual and cool by pairing my leather skirt with a regular turtleneck. My strappy black heels also contribute to the cool factor I wanted to achieve. I added a black blazer to formalize my look.

If leather were a person, she would be my fashionable friend. Whenever I want to feel cool, I know I can trust a mini leather skirt to do the job.

Get My Look: 1. A long sleeve turtleneck. 2. An asymmetrical leather skirt. 3. Strappy black heels.