STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual for Class

March 17th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual for Class

I always enjoy looking put together and looking like I didn’t just roll out of bed and sprint to my early morning classes. This being said, I do tend to lean on the comfier side of outfits during my school weeks.

My go-to are my Lululemon leggings because obviously black leggings go with, anything! I could easily run with this and throw on one of the large sweatshirts, that double as PJs, and be fully comfortable, but instead, I prefer to add a little style.

I chose to wear a gray hoodie, that is a little more feminine with a lower neckline and a looser fabric material. I have really been into the jacket over a hoodie look, having the hood add a little extra detail to the outfit. I paired my green bomber from Topshop for a little color. But you can do any jacket, I love this blue silk one.

I have been loving my black Adidas PureBoost, which I also wear when working out. They have a unique look and fit the “athleisure” and “effortlessly sporty” trend happening right now without being over the top. I love wearing a black sneaker and mixing it up from my white Stan Smith’s, which I tend to wear a lot!

My accessories are my favorite part of my outfit and get good use as I wear them almost every day. My bag is from AllSaints and has been one of my best purchases. It holds just about everything and is the perfect marriage of practicality and fashion. The maroon color makes a statement, but is also very versatile and can be worn with everything. Trust me, I have put that to the test. I am also wearing my favorite piece of jewelry, my name choker. It is so simple, fun, and cool and again, goes with perfectly with anything. Even just an initial necklace is able to give your outfit a little something more. I think that the name and monogram is so fun and something that I definitely want to incorporate more into my wardrobe. On the bright side, no one will ever forget my name!