STYLE GURU STYLE: Camouflage Is The New Black

Jeans are practically my life. Spring, summer, fall or winter, it does not matter the season, I rock jeans all year round. It is common for me to pair my jeans with a simple cardigan or flannel but I am always looking for ways to jazz up the usual. In recent weeks I have noticed a specific trend surfacing the industry; camouflage.

Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is my point of inspiration for this camouflage look. Marc Jacobs used an almost floral type of camouflage pattern in some of the designs in his collection. I was drawn in mostly by his use of pattern-on-pattern. For the majority of the collection, he layered a camouflage look on top and paired it with a camouflage look on the bottom. This is a risky move and I adore a risk taker, which is why I am probably so drawn to this collection. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, but here, Jacobs executed the camo-on-camo look perfectly. His use of black accents overall give the look a more polished, clean feel.

With my outfit, I took Jacobs’ idea of layering patterns and incorporated it into an everyday look. Instead of layering the same pattern, I decided to layer a camouflage T-shirt with a plaid scarf. After being a little hesitant at first, I completely fell in love with the multiple pattern look. Because of the funky patterns, I decided to just throw on a pair of my favorite destroyed jeans and an extra long cardigan and call it a day! Basic garments like jeans or tennis shoes are perfect to combine with the double pattern look because they are the essentials of fashion. The multiple pattern look can be well executed with an equal amount of basics for every pattern to create balance in the outfit. For extra pizzazz, I added a bright green watch and Nars Lipstick but mostly because I cannot leave my dorm without sporting either one.

Another trend I have been obsessing over recently is tennis shoes. Casual, dressy, sporty and even trendy, tennis shoes can literally match any outfit. The key to the tennis shoe trend is correlating the shoe color with a small accent color within the outfit. I chose a crème Madden Girl sneaker to complement the crème’s in my scarf.

Overall, my favorite trends of fall 2015 are camo, multiple patterns and tennis shoes. All of these pieces together create a trendy, comfortable and spunky look that completely complements my personality. My best advice to you on new trends is to rock the ones that complement your personality the most and make you feel right at home. Style gives the world an impression of who you are without saying a word. If it were not for style, fashion would just simply be clothing.

Get My Look: 1. A camouflage T-shirt. 2. Any patterned scarf. (other than camouflage) 3. Tennis shoes.