If you’re like me, summer is one part relaxation and three parts go, go, go! Many of us use summer as a time to work hard to save money for the school year or to squeeze in another internship to add on to the very important resume. Lately, I’ve been putting together so many outfits for work each day that I’ve been stumped when it comes to a cute and casual outfit for my day off!

Luckily, I found this unique, cropped button-down top that I haven’t worn in ages. It has a sort of a cool vintage vibe to it, so I gave it a try with some destroyed high-waisted shorts. Since this is a simple outfit for my day off, I kept accessorizing to a minimum with a colorful statement necklace that I tucked under my collar. It adds a tiny bit of color to the outfit. My nails are another way I added a tiny splash of color with the bright purple shade. I finished off the look with black sandals and chic sunglasses. Check out this super chic version of the look from J.Crew’s spring 2015 show.

What I love about this look is that it’s kind of a spin on the crop top trend that’s been going strong the past few summers. I’ve actually seen less basic crop tops this year in favor of other silhouettes and styles, so this top is a good mix. It’s not super cropped and has the interesting button detail. It’s perfect for a day off filled with shopping or hanging out with friends!

Get My Look: 1. A cropped button-down top. 2. Destroyed high-waisted shorts. 3. Black sandals.