September 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Let’s get in “Formation” honey.  School is back in action and for some of us that also means interview season is here as well. Whether you are already hired trying to prolong your career or newly fired looking for a new career, I have found some tips helpful on incorporating your style in the corporate world. Let’s open that closet and get back in business!

As the fall semester approaches, at times one can find themselves confused in how to dress accordingly to the transitioning whether from summer to autumn. In actuality, it is not as complicated as one may assume. Firstly, let’s start with color schemes; it is all about hues and gradients. Your outfit is sure to stand out at that interview if you have a well balanced lighter to darker color ratio. In my outfit pictured, I chose the color mauve as my gradient color to layer with. Mauve is a beautiful color that can easily transition from summer to fall. My skirt is the base, therefore, a basic rosy mauve that sets the tone for the rest of my outfit. Then, my blazer pops my attire by accentuating a darker element of maroon. The rest of my ensemble is composed of whites and nudes. When in doubt about what pieces to wear, let the colors make the decision making.

As for the pieces of my choosing, I kept it simple. When thinking of women’s business attire the picture of a pencil skirt and blazer most likely will come to mind. Therefore, I jazzed up my body con pencil skirt and blazer with color. Now, opened toed shoes are never ideal for an interview or business dinner. However, in certain situations like a business brunch or luncheon they are perfect. Nude shoes work well for the day and black shoes work well for the night. You will be on your way out the door by adding a fashion forward bag, and a classy watch.

Ultimately this look is great for interviews to major presentations! Carry confidence and a catwalk to show out for success !