Hi Fashionistas/os! I am so excited that I am able to exhibit my personal style along with my opinions of the latest trends in the fashion world this season. Living in such a small town is a lot of fun for me as well because it means I can put my personal style on display and witness the recreation of similar trends. Kelowna has a very cold climate starting in the early months of fall, so maintaining a warm and stylish look can be challenging.

Taking inspiration from the Acne Studios spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I incorporated a large overcoat with cropped trousers which appeared to be the main focus of Acne Studio’s trend. The wool overcoats were most definitely staple pieces on almost every model and looked beautiful paired with cropped jeans or pants. The overall “street style” feel tended to my personal style in a way, and is very flattering I find, on every single body type. Neutral and alluring pieces were a minor component of the collection but were important to me in creating a RAD everyday look.

My goal was to pair comfy, yet chic pieces that stand out from the reoccurring regular winter pieces. This gray overcoat is perfect for the cold weather and can be worn almost anywhere. I chose to pair this piece with sleek cropped trousers and lace-up heels that elongate the leg and opt for an overall flattering look. I also grabbed my go-to MAC lipstick to add a hint of colour and maintain the neutral look I was going for.

Reinventing a stylish yet cozy look is challenging but is always so much fun for myself, especially when winter is approaching and warm pieces are often prioritized over stylish ones for many individuals. Let us beat the cold weather together!

Get My Look: 1. Oversized coat. 2. Cropped trousers. 3. Lace-up heels.