Sure, dresses are dainty, and what not, but the real reason this denim shift is my current go-to has nothing to do being a lady and everything to do with being lazy. It’s a one and done, no pants pairing required style that I have grown to love. It’s so versatile; I can rock this to brunch, class, shopping or even a daytime date! It really is a quick and cute style for any occasion. Shift dresses in general are always great for instantly creating a chic, modern look, but there’s something about a jean fabric that just kicks it up a notch. I personally think it’s the shape.

Denim is a thicker material than cotton and most other fabrics. The material crisp and clean, yet it also isn’t tight. It manages to be flowy without losing the overall shape. The arms even flare out adding to the architectural look of the dress. The strong structure works really well with a contrasting shoe. These nude platforms have round edges that foil the linear seams in the dress to emphasize that cool girl boxy shape.

Shapes are fun, so don’t be afraid to keep it going with some exciting accessories. I went with a cool gold choker, and a handful of midi rings. I also kept the whole geometric vibe going with this rectangular bag. It’s in the same color family as the blue jean dress, so it’s poppin’ without doing too much.

Let’s go back to the whole inspiration behind this look: comfort! When it comes to hair, save your crazy braided styles and tight buns. You don’t want to over do it. Keep it simple. An unruly mane also has an interesting juxtaposition to the perfectly shaped dress—plus, messy hair is less work.