July 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

I’ve noticed that more recently stripes have become a common trend. Whether it’s a striped sundress or hat, the detail of the stripes always works as a good element to play off of when putting together a look.

Giorgio Armani’s resort 2016 line brings this element into play in various ways that make a bold statement. One look that really stood out to me was a textured black jacket paired with a black and red striped undershirt with the ends sticking outside the end of the sleeve. Paired with the duo was a cross-body bag in a bold shade of red only slightly darker than the shade of red in the shirt. The bottom half of the look wasn’t included in the look, but it seemed that the model was wearing black pants.

When creating my own version of this look, I chose to pair a simple black bodycon skirt with my black and stripe duo on the top. I was super excited to re-create this look because I had recently purchased a textured coat that looked almost identical to the one in the Armani look! If you look closely, the texture of the jacket is layered fur stripes, playing nicely off the stand out stripes on the shirt. However, pairing any textured jacket with a stripe shirt will give you a bold effect in your look! I paired my jacket with a blue and black striped long sleeve tighter shirt, but decided to show more of the stripes than just a peek of it sticking out from the sleeve ends. I kept the jacket open so you could see that the shirt was completely detailed with the stripes.

Since the shade of blue in my shirt was not as bold of a color as I wanted, I accessorized with a mustard yellow cross-body bag. This bag paired next to the stripe design of my shirt gave my look the bold element that I fell in love with in the Armani look! It also added another element of color that gave me more freedom to play off of when choosing what shoes to wear.

I decided to wear my floral vans to give this look a sporty casual feel to it, which is the mood I got from the photo in Armani’s collection. I also styled my hair in a messy high ponytail to go along with the sporty feel of the look. I topped it off with two gold rings to add a bit of shine and metallic detail yet still keeping the casual vibe.

Get My Look: 1. Textured jacket. 2. Striped shirt. 3. Cross-body bag.