STYLE GURU STYLE: Bold, Bright, Betsey

Need to spice up your wardrobe but still stay on trend? Check out Betsey Johnson’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. But, don’t get overwhelmed or scared, although Betsey Johnson’s looks can be a little overwhelming, there is a way to translate this collection into a totally wearable look.

The bright colors and crazy patterns can add some fun into your wardrobe and show off that spunky and unique personality of yours. Betsey Johnson uses a wide range of colors, prints, accessories and layers to really make this collection unique. In order to translate this collection and not look like you lost your mind and threw on everything in your closet, it takes bright colors and simple layers. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors, but be aware of clashing colors too.

This translated look works due to all of the pieces being primary colors but also complementary colors. The bright magenta jeans, royal blue coat and mustard yellow beanie are all great pieces that are bright and bold. This crop top is also perfect for a Betsey Johnson-inspired look. The distressed black color and the different colored jewels fit flawlessly.

Another great way to enhance this look but not get too crazy is with makeup. Use colored eyeliner or wing it out to make it more dramatic and enhance your features. Put a pop of blush on your cheeks to also bring some color and do not forget about the lips. Be courageous with your lips and feel free to use a lively and bold color.

Get My Look: 1. Some bright colored jeans. 2. A bedazzled crop. 3. Finally, a bold coat. 4. Spice up your makeup and throw on a beanie to stay warm.