If there’s one thing that we can always count on from Banana Republic, it’s the recurring classiness present in each and every runway collection they create. No doubt their 2015 fall ready-to-wear collection is no exception.

The problem with many brands is that their designers put together classic pieces with classic color schemes. While this may seem like a good idea at first, these pieces can become dull and even overrated really fast. However, Banana Republic does not face this problem, but rather offers a stylish alternative.

Think about the standard collection of apparel for the cooler seasons. These collections tend to consist of skirts, blazers and turtlenecks in shades of black, white and deep red. Kind of classic, but kind of old.

The solution is so simple, but so effective. By simply adding in shades of gray and replacing the deep shade of red with a more pinkish-red hue or a bright bold blue a completely new style is formed.

My favorite look by far was number four, consisting almost entirely of a bright bold blue, which I believe to be the most on-trend color for the cooler seasons this year. To mimic this look, I started with a geometric skirt, in a similar cut to the model’s in said mentioned shade of blue.

Instead of piling on the blue however, I added a white button-up top, similar to the blue one being worn by the model, and ditched any sort of coat due to the lack of cool weather. To finish off my look, I mimicked the model’s look further by adding black tights, my classic black wristlet and favorite pair of black and white shoes.

Get My Look: 1. Bright and bold blue skirt. 2. Black and white shoes. 3. Black wristlet or clutch.