STYLE GURU STYLE: Boho Meets Classic

July 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

I love classic pieces that can go a long way but I love switching up my style when the seasons change. Mixing patterns and colors is a perfect way to use those classic pieces that you already have in your closet but also incorporate the trends that you see in your favorite runway shows.

Inspired by the spring 2016 Tory Burch ready-to-wear show I learned how I can take my classic style pieces and spice them up as the weather changes. With a bohemian twist of patterns and embroideries, Tory Burch still stuck to her effortless style with her use of calm colors and classic stripes.

I was first introduced to this collection when my style icon, Kate Middleton, went on a royal tour in India and Bhutan. Her classic style got a refreshing twist with the mix of patterns but still stayed timeless. I soon realized that I could reinvent my style but still stay timeless and classic too.

My first tip to staying classic is using basic colors. I love navy blue and white because they look simple yet sophisticated. Tory Burch uses red, white and blue in this collection. What makes this collection unique is her mix of bold patterns and embroideries with the classic patterns of stripes and simple colors.

In this look I’m wearing a chambray cotton shirt, which is perfect for the hot weather that summer brings. This shirt includes the bold embroidery that Tory Burch showcases in her 2016 spring ready-to-wear show. There’s nothing quite timeless like lace, which is how I included another aspect of my classic style. By mixing a white lace skirt and a top with bold embroidery I was able to stick to my timeless and classic style while still being trendy.

Get My Look: 1. A blouse with unique embroidery. 2. A classic white lace skirt. 3. A simple pair of navy blue wedges.