Designers have been embracing bohemian trends in their fashion collections for years. This trend influences my personal style because the main stores I shop at, such as Free People, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, which all incorporate the boho look into their pieces by carrying long, shaggy sweaters, flared jeans, fringed tops, etc. Although I enjoy shopping these pieces at the more mainstream stores, it is also really interesting to see how high fashion designers incorporate the bohemian trends into their collections because they ultimately influence the stores’ designs. Anna Sui frequently incorporates the boho trend into her collections, and the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is definitely a standout with its long hems, intricate patterns and lush materials.

Look 25 from the collection is one of my favorites because each element is so unique, yet they all seem to flow together. Although each piece is crucial in the overall look, the cardigan really adds an interesting aspect to it because of its darker colors contrasting with the lighter pinks and grays of the dress and tights. Its length and the tassel embellishments really incorporate aspects of the bohemian trend into the overall look.

Look 51 is another favorite of mine. Although I will never be seen rocking Viking headgear, I appreciate the use of jewelry. The boho trend often features the layering of numerous pieces of unique jewelry. The shell-like materials the necklaces are made out of really add an extra element to the outfit, as does the layering of multiple necklaces of varying lengths. I especially like the long pendant because it complements the long length of the jacket. Despite Vikings being Anna Sui’s inspiration for the fall 2015 collection, she did a great job incorporating many of the bohemian trends, which will serve as inspiration this fall for not only stores, but also Fashionistas/os everywhere.

I personally used many aspects of this collection as inspiration for my own boho look. From Look 25, I incorporated the long, shaggy cardigan as a way to make the outfit standout by mixing fabrics and adding another element of color to the look. From Look 51, I included a long pendant in order to complement the length of the cardigan and have the metallic color contrast the plain charcoal of my tank top. I really love the use of pendant necklaces in outfits because they always have something interesting hanging on the end that really adds to the overall look. For example, mine featured a cursive initial “B.” Finally, I noticed metallics were frequently incorporated into the collection, so I paired my outfit with a pair of gold sandals. I’ve found that integrating bohemian trends into your outfits really isn’t as hard as it may seem as long as you include key pieces like cardigans and jewelry. So don’t let Anna Sui’s dramatic pieces intimidate you!

Get My Look: 1. Long cardigan. 2. Unique jewelry (pendants, rings, ear cuffs, etc.). 3. Metallic shoes