Paying tribute to Stevie Nicks and the style of the ’70s the ready-to-wear fall and winter collection of 2015 from Chloé  evoked both bohemian and chic garments. The diversity of the collection does a fantastic job of portraying just how diverse fashion was in the ’70s from the fabric used to the garment silhouettes. Through out the clothing line there is the use of cut in suede and trimmed lace. Loads of prints were used including plaids, folky flower print, and lovely patchwork. Some key pieces in the collection are velvet vests, ponchos, A-line and peasant dresses, tailored jackets and wide trousers. Creative director Clare Waight Keller created these feminine fashions that don’t need any changes before making their way to the street. Which is why I had no problem taking note of the collection and incorporating it into my own personal style.

When translating the Chloé collection I took one certain aspect that really interested me, that being, combining masculine and feminine pieces. I did so by pairing a very feminine peasant folk floral print dress with a shearling jacket, both pieces which can be seen in the collection. The dress also has the detail of a tie front. Like many of the dresses in the Chloé line had, there was a great deal of attention to the neckline. This was done by incorporating tie fronts, plunging V-necklines and skinny scarves worn around the neck. The shearling jackets done by Keller are floor-length and reversible; the shearling I am wearing however, doesn’t have either trait, but does a great job of complementing my dress. The coats in the collection are statement pieces. Another way of translating the combination of masculine and feminine pieces were the tall boots I wore. The boots and dress combination is seen repeatedly in the collection.

Taking inspiration from the ’70s, a sort of confidence yet carefree spirit is always translated in the garments. That tension and the one created from mixing feminine and masculine created a very updated, dynamic chic-bohemian clothing line.

Get My Look: 1. Peasant folk floral print dress. 2. Shearling coat. 3. Knee-high suede boots.