Defining your personal style can prove to be quite the challenge. The truth is, our style is often changing just like us. In the hustle bustle of daily life, it is often too easy to get caught up in a routine and forget to enjoy the little things. For me, fashion serves as a platform for creativity and a way to express myself. The way you define your style is up completely up to you, as fashion knows no limits!

To describe my style, I would use the words feminine and trendy. I love soft and flowy fabrics, and often find myself drawn to subtle floral patterns. Blush is my latest fashion crush…I just can’t get enough! Blush easily transforms from season to season, so it creates versatile pieces in my closet. This dress is a great mix of feminine and trendy with the feminine floral print, lace sleeves, and trendy, blush-colored accents.

I paired the dress with rose gold accessories to accent the blush color throughout the print. Layering necklaces is a staple in my style, because I love the depth and detail it adds to an ensemble. The necklaces in this look contrast each other due to the varying lengths; yet complement each other with gold tones and a dainty appearance.

To finish off the look, I am wearing my newest spring purchase, a rose gold sandal. I am not a fan of high heals, as comfort is important to me. Finding a pair of sandals that are both cute and comfortable can sometimes be a challenge, but this pair hit the mark for me. These sandals also add a special accent to the outfit with bold sparkles and side straps.

So, always remember to keep embracing that personal style!