STYLE GURU STYLE: Blurring the Line

Masculine looks have become so in style this year, Alexander Wang’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection is a prime example of this. Combining masculine pieces such as collared shirts with feminine pieces like a pair of chunky heels you’re able to put together something really special. Blurring the line between menswear and women’s fashion is something that’s really starting to emerge and many people are really jumping at the idea. The way Alexander Wang designs for a modern woman while also incorporating a masculine touch makes the collection more appealing. Along with the masculinity, Wang uses a fairly neutral color palette in the first looks of his collection which is also the direction I chose to go.

For college students every day wear does not typically include dressy suit jackets, mid-calf skirts, and slacks. So in order to compromise with the clothes I have at hand as a student while still incorporating the amazing trends Alexander Wang brings to the surface, I went a more simple route. A button-down collared shirt is definitely something that gives a masculine touch so that was the prime piece I chose to use to demonstrate Alexander Wang’s style. In order to give a dressier vibe, I paired the collared shirt with sleek pair of black skinny jeans, a see-through black patterned sweater and a pair of chunky gray Michael Kors heels.

This every day look works for college students who want to be a bit edgier, however, it also allows you to wear it on a more special occasion as well. The layered chain necklace I chose to pair with the outfit really gives it a pop and allows the grays and blacks in the outfit to mesh. The last little detail was the nail color I chose to use, to blend the colors together I decided to do a faded purple adding a little color while staying a little more neutral. I was very excited to step out and test this new masculine trend and overall I was extremely happy with the outcome.

Get My Look: 1. A cute button-down collared shirt. 2. A faded purple nail. 3. A statement necklace.