STYLE GURU STYLE: Blanket Scarf Best

November 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

If you’ve read any style blogs, scrolled through your Instagram feed, or perused Pinterest anytime recently, you had to have noted the big moment that blanket scarves are having right now. With a nod to Marc Jacobs’ fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I picked a blanket scarf for this look that has a great plaid color scheme. Jacobs’ collection features some incredible looks that are sprinkled with plaid as well as many looks that feature capes and ponchos. The entire collection is something I could see myself wearing, but this was a way I translated some of his styles into an everyday look for a day of coffee dates, meetings and classes.

My most favorite thing about blanket scarves is their versatility. For example, I am wearing my blanket scarf in the easiest way possible, however, it’s also simple to get a poncho or even a shawl look out of it. And, if you happen to be out at a park and want to have an impromptu picnic, simply take off your scarf and use it as a picnic blanket and you’re all set.

For this look, I paired my jeans and booties with a light sweater, and simply tossed my blanket scarf over that. It’s that simple. They are the perfect accessory to wear to keep you warm on those days where the temperature is cooler for your morning classes but then warms up later on in the day. Then, the scarf is light enough simply to toss into your school bag if it gets too warm to wear it.

I think this season is only the beginning of an intense blanket scarf trend, so it’s worth your purchase to grab one now, so you have a full winter season where you can wear it. Best of luck with the rest of your blanket scarf styling and be sure to stay cozy this winter!

Get My Look: 1. A cute blanket scarf. 2. Any pair of skinny jeans. 3. A trendy hat.